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Deep New Zealand is the first book to explore life in the deep-ocean habitats that surround this remote island nation. Its scope is considerable, for the sea within New Zealand 's Exclusive Economic Zone covers an area ten times the size of France, and most of it is deep ocean. This vast but little-known realm is home to some of the most extraordinary creatures that have ever lived: bus-sized squids, elegant swimming sea cucumbers, and gargoyle-like fishes festooned with dagger-like teeth and glowing lights, to name just a few.

Deep New Zealand examines deep-sea and oceanic organisms, their habitats and their ecology. Other chapters cover the seafloor, ocean currents, food webs, and human exploitation of the deep - including the dramatic history of deep-sea fishing.

One of the few popular books published on the deep-ocean life of a particular region, Deep New Zealand is of global interest and relevance, a fascinating and enduring case study of one of the most remarkable tracts of the world ocean. Many of the species covered by the book are cosmopolitan in distribution, and are found in oceanic waters off North America, Europe and Asia. Thus Deep New Zealand will be of practical use to deep-sea researchers throught the world.

Engagingly written and beautifully illustrated, Deep New Zealand is a "must have" for anybody with a passion for the abyss.

Deep New Zealand: Blue Water, Black Abyss . Canterbury University Press 2003; 240 pages; 300+ illustrations; available in softback or hardback.