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Illustrations from Deep New Zealand

The illustrations on this page are among the more than 300 illustrations found throughout Deep New Zealand's 240 pages. The book's principal photographer, Kim Westerskov, is one of the world's best known marine photographers, and is the only person to win five grand prize in the prestigious ‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year' contest.

The book is full-color throughout, and the images are mostly colour photographs, augmented with a small number of detailed line drawings and computer graphics.

Click on the images below to see a larger view.

Book Cover

Back Book Cover

Deep Ocean Currents

Glass Squid,
Teuthowenia pellucida

Sabertooth Fish,
Evermannella balbo

Deep-sea basket star: Gorgonocephalus

Rattail, Caelorinchus fasciatus

Bubblegum coral,
Paragorgia arborea

Black Swallower,
Chiasmodon niger