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What the Critics said of Deep New Zealand

 " This is a book very much out of the ordinary for many reasons"
- Otago Daily Times

"A splendid introduction to the diversity of life forms found in our waters."
- Sunday Star Times

"Absorbing and nicely written. It deserves to be widely read"
- New Zealand Geographic

"Batson has managed a well written, lively account, which, as any book of this type should, creates amazement without descending to the trite"
- The Press

"A great contribution to the literature of the natural history of New Zealand”
- University of Otago Magazine

"Tantalising peek into the deep… beautifully produced book, with magnificent photos"
- Waikato Times

"Good one."
- New Zealand Listener

"Batson describes other creatures so alien that a science fiction writer would have difficulty imagining them."
- New Zealand Professional Skipper

"Beautiful insight into life in the deep"
- Christchurch Star

"In Deep New Zealand Peter Batson ambitiously addresses a broad array of subjects pertaining to life in New Zealand's oceans, including ecology, geology, history, fishery politics and regulations, and of course biology. In order to empower the reader with an informed perspective, this essential information is relayed in such a way so as not to overwhelm with unnecessary detail or complexities. Yet, the richness of New Zealand's waters and the significance of this study is not lost in any chapter, in fact it is consumed by it."
- Tonmo , the online cephalopod magazine

“A remarkable volume”
- Wilderness

"The feeling of excellence goes beyond the photographs. The writing, editing, graphics, design, illustrations and printing have come together to present a major contribution to the natural history of New Zealand. An outstanding piece of work."
- Otago Daily Times

“The aesthetically most exquisite publication on oceanic life issued so far”
- Deep-Sea Newsletter

“When someone thinks up an altogether new kind of book, virgin territory is theirs, but so is the responsibility to do it well. Peter Batson of Otago University's Department of Marine Science had the idea for Deep New Zealand and he's done it very well.”
- Geological Society of New Zealand Newsletter

"Makes for some exceptional, mind-blowing reading."
- Tonmo , the online cephalopod magazine

“Buy it – you won't be disappointed”
- Seafood New Zealand